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Nutrition Tips

  • Never Miss Breakfast, It Jumpstarts your metabolism.
  • Consuming protein immediately after exercise will make you recover faster.
  • Eating a small meal every 2-3 hours keeps your metabolism going.
  • Taking your vitamins everyday will fill your nutritional gaps and help you perform better.
  • If your Nutrition lags, so will your progress.
  • Water should be the fluid you consume the most.
  • Starving yourself will make your body store more fat.
  • To lose fat faster, dont consume carbohydrates after 6 pm.
  • Consuming too much alcohol will greatly decrease your fitness progress.

  • Always eat by the rule of 3rds:
    Protein, Carbs, Fruits and veggies.
  • Common Sense!
    More calories daily = More body weight.
  • A safer and smarter way to lose weight is to decrease calories and increase your activity, and not depend on the sauna.
  • Consuming too much food at the same time will greatly decrease the speed of your metabolism.
  • Dont waste your money!
    The supplements that are the most effective are Vitamins, amino acids, joint, and omega 3's.
  • Always stick to Omega 3's for your fat needs.
  • Common Sense!
    Less calories daily = Less body weight.
  • Clear urine is a sign of hydration.

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